Super Coffee Machine SPRINT 5S (Rental)

We supply and provide rental service of coffee machines for offices, hospitality industries and corporate in Malaysia.

FREE On Loan Of Coffee Machine !

FREE Monthly Maintenance Service !

FREE Filter Replacement !

FREE Product Sanitation !

Transfer Ownership After Contract End !

Choose From 10 Flavors

  1. Regular Coffee
  2. White Coffee
  3. White Coffee Hazelnut
  4. Hot Chocolate
  5. 3 in 1 Milk Tea
  6. Lemon Tea
  7. Peach Tea
  8. Matcha Latte
  9. Mocha
  10. Cappuccino

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Hurry ! Limited time only for corporate/office clients.


Techinical Specification

Dimension: 550 (H) x 390 (W) x 470 (D) mm
Net Weight: 27 kg

Electrical Supply(Volts/Hz): 220V – 240V / 110V – 120V 50Hz / 60Hz
Power: 1850W

Water Supply: Direct pipe in / Prufied Water Barrel
Canister: 5 instant canister of which 1 double and 4 single
User Interface: 8 selection buttons and 32 digit alphanumeric