Golden Monaco 4S Coffee Machine

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Model: Golden Monaco 4S
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High speed, heavy-duty whipper for complete product mixing, Key service components easily accessible through front and top,Contemporary styling for striking visual statement, fantastic full lighting panel, Low product detection system alerts audibly and with message on display when hoppers are low,Alphanumeric display communicates advertising messages, machine status and technical support contact information.

  •  Dimensions: Height 680mm / width 285mm / depth 490mm
  •  Net Weight: 26kg
  •  Electrical Supply: 220V-240V / 110V-120V  50Hz / 60Hz  Suitable for all locations in different height above sea levels
  • Power Supply: 2800W
  • Water Supply: Compatible for both main water supply and purified water barrel
  •  Dispensing speed: 8 seconds / cup
  • User Interface: 4 selection push buttons offer diversified drink and  unique selection of hot water substitutes the function of water fountains
  •  Canisters: 4S version: 4 instant canisters of which 4 single
  •  Automatic flushing and cleaning function.
  •  Amazing background light of dispensing nozzle.
  • Adjustable space for different cup sizes, max.1 6oz cup.

Optional Accessories :

  • Attractive base cabinet (height: 920mm) for purified water barrel and paper cups.
  •  Water pump is available for purified water barrel.
  • Branding option is acceptable.