Gaia 3S Coffee Machine (Rental)

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Model: Gaia 3S
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Gaia is beautiful, lively and practical, and is the ideal way to begin the day with a good coffee or a rich cappuccino! It is with amazing back lighted door and keypad with led, which reduces energy consumption and with a lifetime. Super simple programming and maintenance!

  • Dimension: Height 670mm / width 300mm / depth 460mm
  • Net Weight: 20kg
  •  Electrical Supply: 220V-240V / 110V-120V  50Hz / 60Hz   Suitable for all locations in different height above sea levels
  •  Power: 1800W    Big coffee volume: 200ml/cup or more volume is available!
  • Water Supply: Compatible for both main water supply and purified water barrel
  • User Interface: 3 selection push buttons for any 3 types of premix hot drinks, and 1 button for automatic cleaning  To be served iced drinks with ice cubic, concentrated drinks could be dispensed out
  • Canisters: 3 big instant canisters, loading 1.5kg powder each

Optional Accessories :

  •  Attractive base cabinet (height: 920mm) for purified water barrel and paper cups.
  •  Water pump is available for purified water barrel.